Those of you who are observant will have seen the small cross at the bottom of the T in the logo.  As a believing and practicing Christian, christian values such as honesty and respect and love for others are central to my life and the way does business.  There are several key principles that we follow in our business practices:

  1. Honest wage for an honest days work.
    • The organization will never be used as a vehicle to reduce the tax bill of its founders or staff.  We believe in paying the market rate to staff for the work they do.
    • We charge only for the work completed (unless on a fixed price contract).
  2. Paying Taxes
    • “Pay unto Ceasar what is Ceasar’s and unto God what is God’s.” Taxes are there to provide services that we and others consume.  We will not employ sophisticated mechanisms to reduce our tax bill even if that places at an a disadvantage when bidding on contracts .
    • We believe paying taxes is part of our Tithe and therefore we should pay our taxes gladly (even if I do not like what they do with all I give).
  3. Work ethics
    • We will always work to the best of my ability to deliver the best solution I can within the available time. 
    • We will not work for organizations that do not respect the rights of others.
    • We take seriously our obligations to respect others and obey the law and will investigate and take prompt and necessary action should any of our employees or subcontractors are reported to have failed in this regard.